About me

Ok so who am I? I’m a Senior Technical Specialist working @ IBM where my main focus is working with VMware but I also deal with Microsoft & Citrix. In my daily work I’m part of Transition & Transformation where we bring value towards our customers. In that way they can focus on what really matters and that’s their business.

It’s very well possible that this blog will not only contain posts related to topics I come across during my work. I do try to have other hobbies as well like running, fitness or even crossfit. I’m a father of 2 that count for 4. But I love them anyhow 🙂

The reason why I’m starting with this blog is to share my knowledge and help out the VMware community.

Contact me

I’m always happy to hear feedback on the blogs I create. You can sent me a mail with below contact page or you can connect with me on Twitter