WordPress configuration

Hey guys, sorry for the subscribers on my RSS feed, but this is a post just for myself because I always seem to forget how to do certain configs in WordPress. So now they are in my posts I don’t need to look it up anymore in the future 🙂

1. Create an extra category

1.1 Add an extra category

Go to posts => Categories

Click on “Add New Category”

Fill in the name of your Category and leave “Top level Category” selected.

1.2 Assign the new category to your page

Go to your site and go to Appearance => Customize

Go to Menus

Go to your Primary Menu

Click on “Add Items”

Click on Categories and choose the Category you just created. In my case NSX-T

You will see it appear on the left side. Re-order if necessary and save your changes.

1.3 Edit a category

Go to Posts => Categories

Click on edit for the category you want to change

2. Updating Certification pictures

To do this the first steps are similar as the previous point. Go to your site and go to Appearance => Customize

Click on the page you want to change

Now go to Widgets

Go to Sidebar

And here you can now Add or Remove widgets