Configuration of vRA – Part 3

In Part 3 we’re going to finalize the configuration of our vRA deployment. Content blog article Configuration Create entitlements Create service Create blueprint Create entitlement SRM integration vRO SRM plugin Cloudclient install on SRM servers Encountered issues Adding vSphere endpoint failed Adding Directory fails with ERROR_BAD_FORMAT Change global timeout Configuration 1. Create entitlements 1. Create … More Configuration of vRA – Part 3

Configuration of vRA – Part 2

In Part 2 we’re continuing our configuration. Content blog article Configuration Active Directory policies Create Active Directory endpoint Create Active Directory policy Creating reservations Create a Business Group Create a reservation policy Create a network profile Create a Reservation Configure cross-site deployments Configure your web servers Configure your compute resources Configuration 1. Active Directory policies … More Configuration of vRA – Part 2

Configuration of vRA – Part 1

After we did the deployment through LCM in part 1 (link) and we checked our deployment in part 2 (link) it’s now time to actually start the configuration of our vRealize environment. Content blog article Configuration Create tenants Create vSphere endpoints Create Active Directory Link Update Identity provider Create Fabric groups Configuration 1. Create tenants … More Configuration of vRA – Part 1